We work together with our clients to build awesome mobile apps that provide lasting value and excitement to their users.

Since we started MFA Team in 2018, we’ve received over 100 requests to build apps and we’ve discussed with many app entrepreneurs to help them kickstart their business. Based on our experience of building over 60 apps for our clients and of working on our own products, we can evaluate your idea and see what needs to be done to increase the chances of having a successful project.

We work with you to understand your idea and we merge your initial concept with everything our team knows about mobile apps. We establish what features go into the product, how they will work together, and we create a Product Requirements and Specifications Document (See a sample for a simple app and for a complex one). This document is the foundation for all the steps to come. It will be used by our designers to come up with designs and by our developers as a guideline for coding. It will also allow us to give you the most accurate price quote and you’re free to use this document to request quotes from other companies too.

Price: $500 for simple projects (standalone app with up to 10 screens)
$1000 for complex projects (app with over 10 screens, backend, API etc.)

What you pay at this stage serves as a deposit and will be deducted from the total price, when you decide to move on with the project.

Wireframes are the skeleton behind the user interface and they contain all the elements that go into every screen. They do not define the “look and feel”, but rather the layout, hierarchy, and interaction schema that is responsible for a good “user experience”. Wireframing saves time because our development team understands easier what needs to be built and it also reduces the risk of leaving certain things out. Price: $250 for a simple app (up to 10 screens); Starting from $500 for complex apps.

When it comes to first impressions, it’s all about design. By identifying and understanding the essence and core values of your brand, we create your unique identity. We’ll put our passion for good design to work and based on approved wireframes we’ll design all screens. We`ll craft a beautiful, functional design with your specific users in mind.

Price: $500 - Identity (Logo, App Icon)
$1,000 - UI/UX Design for a simple app (up to 10 screens); Starting from $2,000 for complex apps.

Development isn’t just about writing code. The very first step in developing an awesome app is figuring out its architecture. Our lead architect and a team of senior developers pick the perfect technologies for your app. The app development process is broken down into sprints based on feature sets and our agile approach will allow you to regularly review and assess what we’re building. Our Quality Assurance team will test the app after each development sprint and once all major functionality is implemented, we’ll prepare a Beta Build. Price: Depends on the complexity of your app and the number of platforms. We’ll give you a fixed price quote based on the Product Requirements and Specifications Document (created by us at the first step or provided by you).

After passing the Beta Build through a final round of QA and refinements, we’ll have in our hands a Release Candidate Build. Once we have the build ready, we set up the in-app products (if it’s the case), and we publish your app. If it’s built for iOS devices, we make sure it gets through Apple’s App Store acceptance process. We provide our clients with a 3 months bug fixing period (after releasing the final version), free of charge, and maintenance packages that cover everything from small updates all the way to whole new versions.

Price: $150/store - Publishing

Maintenance packages are priced as a fixed fee based on agreed scope of work, or alternatively based on hourly rate.

Success Stories

  • Baruch Richter, Founder - Find a way, José!

    "I was looking very carefully for quite a while for a team to develop my iOS game `Find a Way, Jose` and after considering about 15 different development solutions, I have finally decided to hire MFA Team. The experience was great, since the initial stages, milestone deliveries, QA cycles, App Store deployment, and till this very day when we are about to update for the fifth time with exciting new features. Although MFA Team is an offshore solution for me, working with them I totally have the feeling that Alin, Flavius, Cristian, Ovidiu (and the rest of the bunch) are an integral part of my team. It is great to know that they regard the success of my app to be their success too and take pride in it. Reliable, quick, professional, sympathetic and with great communication skills I couldn`t ask for more. No wonder I recommend MFA Team to my peers, whenever I`m asked if I know any good iPhone application development company."

  • Serag Gazal, Founder - Hotograph

    "Thank you very much for the work, it`s been a pleasure working with you, Seb and Vlad, you have a great team. You are the first company that made a promise and achieved it, I am very impressed. Thank you again."

  • Jan Lukacs, Co-Founder -

    " After failing to outsource our Android application development to several companies we found MFA Team. They are professionals and have finished our project on time and on budget. If you`re looking for a top android app development company, go with MFA Team. "

  • Octavian Cosma, Co-Founder - InstantSurvey

    " We used MFA Team to develop an iOS and Android app for our service - Not only did they do a great work based on the specifications we gave them, but they even came up with their own input how to improve the apps. Would definitely like to work with them again! "

  • Yair Horowitz, Chief Operating Officer - PLANET OF THE APPS

    " MFA Team had developed for us a multi-platform solution for both iOS and Android (including Server-side) for our mobile game named Alley Cat Saga. From our nine-month experience of working together I personally find them both professional, reliable and trustworthy. We had requested MANY changes along the way, which were answered in high quality and within a timely manner. Overall, we were very pleased from the experience of working with MFA Team and we plan to work with them on more projects in the future. "

  • Eran Aviv, Owner - MobilityZone Ltd.

    " We used MFA Team to develop an Android app for tablets and smartphones and they made an incredible job including new tips that make the app even better. Now we started new project for iOS and Android and few others in pipeline. After working with several mobile application development companies, we finally found our real development studio partner for the long run. I would like to personally thank Ovi and Alin for great service and support. "

  • Joe Scott, CEO - PhantomALERT

    " Excellence is earned and trust is built over time. Over 2-year period, we collaborated with MFA Team and we were able to save in our app and server development related costs.. We have outsourced 100% of our app, web and sever based development to MFA Team. They sure have earned our trust. MFA Team has provided a scalable solution that achieves our objectives and enables us to maintain a high level of service to our customers. MFA Team has demonstrated real ownership and commitment to deliver for our customers and it`s this dedication that makes our relationship work and produces winning results. MFA Teams` creative use of technology solutions is helping us diversify our business model and generate revenue from different sources other than our core services. Their quality-assurance capabilities, excellent internal development processes and around-the-clock support have helped us achieve significant cost savings from our offshore initiative. They were very responsive and worked hard to make our website, apps and backend tools exactly what we had envisioned. Understanding the needs of customers is the Key to any successful business. MFA Team perfectly understands these needs and knows how to translate them into applicable products. We`ll be using them again and again and again in the future. We are very impressed with MFA Team. "

  • Jaak Laineste, CEO - Nutiteq

    " MGMaps project challenged major players like Google and made them to really notice the project. "

  • Sergiu Briceag, Website Manager - connect

    " It`s very important that the app developer company should understand the client`s ideas fast and precisely, maybe even improve them. This can only be achieved when you work with a professional team, like Mobiversal. "

  • Henrik Jakobsson, Co-founder - Salusfin

    " Salusfin has received excellent service and delivery from Mobiversal, starting from our initial discussions, and ongoing to the first ready product. In the initial phase we had several technical discussions to ensure we were on the same track and that the supplier could deliver. It has also been very easy to work with them from abroad. Mobiversal assigned their CTO to discussions with our team and we got the confidence that they would be able to deliver the goods. That was a very good decision and Mobiversal has delivered on their promise. From the start we had a PM allocated from Mobiversal that has been our central contact throughout the project and it has been a good working cooperation which we could highlight as the ball was never dropped and delivery of new versions have been as expected and on time, and in some cases with improved ideas. We also moved the UI design to Mobiversal as the team had really fresh ideas and a good understanding of our needs. "

  • Costa Zimbiti, Founder - Housar

    " It`s been great working with Mobiversal. Alin, Adrian and Cristian along with their designer - Razvan, took a very challenging RFP with a ton of specifications and effectively pulled it all together into a clean and elegant design. The team was always patient with changes that needed to be made along the way. Not only am I delighted with the results, I am also happy to recommend Mobiversal and their services to anyone considering creating a business from the ground up. "


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